Why Should You Consider A Dental Implant From Khorsand Dental Group?

Dental ImplantsWould you believe that dental implant surgery from Khorsand Dental Group uses the most modern and innovative technology available, combined with a space-age material to give you an amazing replacement to teeth you have lost? If you answered yes, you have probably been reading up on the fascinating advances in oral science made with the modernization of an age-old tooth replacement method, the dental implants. That's right, dental implants have been actually found as far back as the ancient Mayans. Of course, in those days, the women who were the dentists would simply hammer a piece of sharpened bone or shell into the gum and call it a replacement tooth. Today, you have the advantage of modern medical science, where Khorsand Dental Group carefully places a dental implant into your jawbone and then cap it with a replica of your tooth, also called the dental crown, which is so realistic that after a while, even you will have trouble remembering which tooth is not actually natural.

The idea of the dental implant is so revolutionary, it is changing the way people everywhere perceive the threat of tooth loss. For years, this myth has persisted that tooth loss is something relegated to old age. Only older folks lose teeth, right? The reality is that this is not true at all since tooth loss can happen to anyone at any time. In fact, we know that among people over the age of 35, tooth loss occurs over 69 percent of the time. In their middle age, it is important for these folks to have a viable way to replace their teeth without dealing with things like bridges and dentures. Enter an ancient ideology, revamped with the latest materials and methods. Being able to give you back your teeth and restore all the functionality you lost, which can include the ability to enunciate properly and smile beautifully, the dental implant is your long-lasting solution to the problem of tooth loss.

Most people do not realize just how far we have come with the dental implant technology. From simple bone and shells, we are now using the most modern materials available to make dental implants. When you get a dental implant today, you will have a tiny titanium screw placed into your jawbone. This tiny screw is made up of the same material that NASA uses to make parts of the spacecraft. It is an understatement to say that your dental implant is extremely durable. It is also very biocompatible, meaning the new implant will fuse seamlessly with your natural bone tissue and in so doing, add strength and stability to the new tooth. The jawbone and the implant do something very few other prosthetics are able to achieve: create a symbiotic relationship.

In this relationship, the jawbone provides security and stability to the implant, while the implant takes the place of a naturally occurring root and provides stimulation to the jawbone. This stimulation helps the jaw to sustain its bone density, making the entire mouth stronger.

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